Hytera PDC760

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The PNC370 is a compact, easy-to-operate LTE handheld radio. Thanks to PTT over Cellular (PoC), it enables fast voice communication and data transmission as well as a nearly limitless connection over LTE mobile radio networks (3G/4G) & WiFi.

The innovative two-way radio is the ideal solution platform for a wide range of broadband applications, such as optimizing operating sequences, and combines all the advantages of professional mobile radio (PMR) with greater radio coverage and better audio quality.



The PDC760 is a multifunction two way radio from Hytera. A truly one of a kind radio the PDC760 has a 4” LCD screen manufactured with Gorilla Glass III meaning that it is scratch, fingerprint and oil resistant. Alongside the screen on the front of the radio there is also a screen placed atop of the radio, this allowing for information such as channel number to be seen at a glance from a variety of angles. The PDC760 comes as standard with a 2900mAh Li-Polymer battery, allowing for up to 14 hours of use, more than enough to cover a standard working shift.

Surviving a 1.2m drop test the PDC760 is rugged and reliable, IP67 protection means that the radio has a full Ingres protection against dust, whilst also being safeguarded against submersion in water for up to 30 minutes. MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G ensures the radios operation in a variety of conditions, continuing to work seamlessly and without fault from -30°C to 60°C.

The PDC760 has the ability to perform all of the actions of both a smart phone and a digital two way radio. Text messaging, status messaging, picture messaging, web browsing and private calling are all a possibility, whilst 1024 radio channels allow for sufficient communications between a large team. Due to the PDC760’s complexity it has a variety of safety functions ready to use within the radio, both Lone Worker and Man Down are present allowing for injured workers to be found easily, paired with GPS this will allow for the exact location of the operative to be pinpointed allowing for fast response.

A major highlight of the radio is its internal specifications that rival some of the leading smartphones within the market, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage boosts the operating potential of the PDC760, with the ROM being expandable to 128GB via the use of a Micro SD card. With both a front and rear camera HD filming is a possibility, the front camera having 13 Megapixels whilst the rear is capable of shooting 4K video footage.



Lone Worker Feature

Lone Worker is a feature found on many two way radios where it’s able to send a pre-determined signal, for example a distress call or alarm, to other radios in range, Lone Worker requires some type of interaction from the radio user after a period of radio inactivity. An example of this is the radio can be set to require the radio operator to interact with his or her radio once every 30 minutes. If they fail to do so, their radio will start making an audible sound. If there is still no interaction with his or her radio within 1 further minute, a alarm will sound to other team members to tell them a team member is not responding to Lone Worker. The supervisor can then dispatch another team member to the non-reponsive team member’s last known location to offer assistance.

 Lone Worker is built-in to the Hytera PDC760

Digital Basic Privacy

Basic Privacy uses a fixed “key” which is set when the radio is programmed, of which there are 255 possible “keys”. Whilst this level of privacy is technically basic encryption, it’s nevertheless relatively insecure. Comparable to analogue ‘inversion’ scrambling, it will prevent the ‘casual’ listener from hearing anything, but does not guarantee against eavesdropping.

 Basic Digital Privacy is built-in to the Hytera PDC760

Channel Scanning

Channel scanning enables the user to monitor a number of channels and respond when a transmission comes through. The scan feature can usually be programmed to include or exclude channels from the scan. Scanning fewer channels makes the scan faster.

Technical Information

Included In The Box Radio, Battery & Charger
Accessory Connector None
Display Display
Analogue or Digital Analogue, Digital
Band (VHF or UHF) UHF
Frequency Range UHF, Cellular
Channels 1024
Signalling Type CTCSS, DCS, NXDN
Ingress Protection IP67
Commodity Code 8525600000 – Transceivers
Type / Group Handheld Radio
Height (mm) 140
Width (mm) 68
Depth (mm) 26
Weight 378.0000
Brand Hytera
Model PDC760
Manufacturer Part Number PDC760